Key Reasons to Choose a Parcel Courier Service Over Regular Mail

If you send parcels only a couple of times a year, or whether you’re a regular sender, you’ve got a few options to go through before you decide how you want your parcel sent. You could go to your local post office and have the parcel sent through the Royal Mail, or alternatively, you could take up a service offered by several parcel courier companies, and let them do the work for you. Why then, would you ever decide to choose a parcel courier company, over the regular post, and what benefits do they bring?

Time Saving

If you’re sending a parcel using the regular post, likelihood is that your journey to the post office and back could be a significant part of your day. If you are working too, then you’re bound to hit a queue – most people end up sending parcels over the lunch break or after work. Instead, you could have a parcel delivered with a parcel courier company, where often you can book a parcel delivery online. The courier company will pick the parcel up from your doorstep, whether at home or work, meaning you’re able to get on with the important things in your day.

Speed of Delivery

If you send a parcel using regular post, the Royal Mail, then your parcel will be delivered during the normal hours of delivery – it won’t be delivered on a Sunday and only during regular hours. You also might find that depending on the time of day you hand over the parcel, it might take two or three days to arrive at its destination. Instead, you could send the parcel through a courier company, who typically deliver on any day of the year, throughout the day. You can also specify when you want the parcel to arrive – so if you need a parcel delivered by a specific day or a specific time, courier services can do that for you. Next Day Delivery is also a key selling point of parcel courier services, where typically if you book the parcel before midday, it can be guaranteed to reach its destination by the end of the day after. Send Parcels to USA

Parcel Tracking

Most courier companies these days give you a tracking code with your parcel. This means that by entering the tracking code on the company’s website, you can tell exactly where your parcel is – whether it’s in the depot, in the back of a vehicle on its way to being delivered, or if it’s already reached its destination. Parcel tracking is a great way therefore to get peace of mind in knowing that your parcel has reached its destination – most services are live updating too, so you can tell the exact minute that your parcel arrives. However, if you sent a parcel using the regular post, you might be able to pay for a Recorded Delivery, but you will never be sure when, or if, the parcel arrives.

So, overall, parcel courier companies are a great way to get your parcel delivered with speed, convenience and peace of mind. No more having to dash to the post office over your lunch break, and no more finger crossing in the hope that your parcel will even reach the other side – parcel courier companies are very reliable, generally offer better prices, often have many decades of experience in the business, and the parcel tracking systems mean it’s extremely easy to trust the company, and to determine where your parcel is at any given moment. If you’ve not used a courier company before, then it’s definitely a good recommendation to give it a try – see if you prefer the extra speed, convenience and accountability of a courier service!

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