These 10 t20 batsmen are considered the best in the world by experts

T20 cricket is a highly intriguing and exciting sport. It has become one of the much-awaited formats of the game due to the entertainment and excitement associated with it. With the high-octane action & aggressive playing style, it needs amazing form & fitness from cricketers who play.

So, when it’s about the T20 batting, some can maintain skills and consistencies as T20 top 10 batsmen. So, who are they? Let’s read through the given narration that elucidates the best t20 batsman of all time.

#1 Chris Gayle

Now, why does Chris Gayle top this list? There are reasons. This man has hit no fewer than 1k T20 sixes. Gayle is the beastly cricketer with the strength of the ox, and his batting chops make good use of it.

#2 Virat Kohli

There’s no denying the fact that Virat Kohli is arguably one of the greatest players in the history of cricket. Kohli is considered one of the promising T20 batsmen. He’s the greatest batsman across three formats. Though he has hit a bit of rough form in 30 months, his prior numbers were astronomical, and they keep him well-rooted on this particular list.

#3 AB de Villiers

This South African legend comes in the third position. He has a legendary record on his own. When Kohli is in a conversation about being the world’s most promising batsman in the history of cricket, de Villiers happens to be most certainly in that same league.

#4 David Warner

Warner has a powerful presence on the field. And this left-handed opener is one of the opening heroes of Australia’s ICC T20 World Cup triumph. He has won the IPL & its orange cap several times. And it goes without saying that he is one of the reliable batters in world cricket.

#5 MS Dhoni

For a while in the 2010s, Dhoni was referred to as the best batsman in India. But considering his performance, he could have got the top ranking in the world. The former Indian captain & perennial Chennai Super Kings captain couldn’t do any wrong when he chased down target upon seemingly-impossible-target in ridiculous ways to prove critics wrong.

#6 Brendon McCullum

Though his numbers might not be as impressive as you may think, he still manages to get the number six position on this list. McCullum happens to be one of the players who have turned the T20s and IPL matches into what they are today. In the first IPL match, he fired with a whopping 158*, creating a record for around five years. And thus, he needs no more description!

#7 Rohit Sharma

Sharma is the Indian opener & recently-made captain. He might not be outright popular like Kohli, but he plays an integral role in Mumbai and India machines.

#8 Kieron Pollard

There’s no shortage of the bulky West Indians when it’s about T20 cricket. Pollard is not an exception. The immensely powerful hitter, he can turn the tide of the match in just an eye’s blink. He is one of the three batters to hit six sixes. So far, he’s one of the destructive players.

#9 Glenn Maxwell

A deadly cricketer, this Australian has the makings of the superb cricketer in white-ball format. The real problem with Maxwell is the relative lack of consistency. But besides, he is great to go!

#10 Kevin Pietersen

So, the last one on this list is Kevin Pietersen, who’s both hated and loved (both for their outspoken nature & controversial opinions).

But professionally, KP had not only been a T20 maestro, but even his skills spanned the three formats.


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